An installation performing audio reactive realtime graphics. It was shown during the Performance Garten 9: FRICTI9NS.

realtime graphicsaudio reactiveinstallation

A code generated audiovisual communication for PG9: FRICTI9NS.

audiovisual communicationsocial mediavvvv

An ongoing research process that explores translation layers between tangible and virtual space. The project is about creating art with code.


A code generated visual communication for Performance Garden 8: TRANCE. The result serves as the foundation for videos on social media, the key visual for the event poster and for an edition of embroidered blankets.

visual communicationhydraposterblanket

With a view to current social movements all over the world, we investigated the anatomy and design of protests in this project. The analysis was focused on three layers of protest: politics, space and digital mediality.

3d animationprotesthong konguntiy

How does a computer behave when it is given the task of learning from Wassily Kandinsky? And what does this have to do with design?

machine learningbauhauskandinsky